The excellence of Shimge products forms the foundation of our globalization.
Shimge operates 6 major production bases in cities including Jiangxi, Jiangsu, and Zhejiang. We are able to independently facilitate procedures such as casting, machining, motor design, motor production, and the assembly of finished products. All of our spare parts are manufactured under a strictly supervised environment.

Shimge has constructed a state-of-the-art casting workshop and equipped it with world-class equipment sets that are imported directly from countries such as Japan, Germany, and America. This professional configuration ensures the integrity of each pump casting.

Introduction of the Japanese Okuma CNC machining center, Euramerican quick working punch, and other types of dedicated machining equipment ensure that our product quality always meets customer requirements.

Shimge products are powered by premium motors that were crafted from top-grade materials. These motors were manufactured via specialized equipment such as the slitting lathe, automated motor production line, and the fully-automated trickle impregnating machine. The utilization of advanced machinery further guarantees the quality of our motors.

Shimge owns and operates dozens of advanced production lines. The core assembly procedure is performed automatically via processes such as laser welding of the impeller, fully automatic unattended spray painting line, as well as the automatic press mounting of the stator and the bearing. This progressive flow ensures the quality consistency of our products.

Support from an industry-leading physicochemical testing center and a Class-One-Accuracy performance testing platform allow us to monitor raw materials and auxiliary materials while keeping tabs on the manufacturing cycle and the resulting products. This level of monitoring coverage ensures that delivered products are matched 100% with customer standards and requirements.

As a water treatment system solution provider, Shimge operates in strict conformance with the ISO14001\OHSAS18001 Management System. As an advocate of environmental protection, Shimge strives to realize green production.

Shimge is well-aware of the impact that our product has on the environment and customer health. This prompted us to establish an independent RoHS lab to ensure that all products are in compliance with the RoHS directive. SHIMGE has replaced the layer of oil paint on the product surface with water-based paint. The Shimge BL/BLT series stainless steel multistage pump discharge system is in conformance with food-grade hygienic standards.

Shimge led and participated in the drafting of many Chinese national standards for pump product energy-efficiency specifications. Implementation of these standards has significantly reduced the unit energy consumption of Chinese pump products.
Shimge successfully merged with Zhejiang Bohua Environmental Technology & Engineering Co., Ltd. in 2012 . This acquisition allows us to provide complete water treatment system solutions for prospective customers.

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