Shimge, a solution provider for high-performance water treatment systems.
Shimge, a leading brand in the Chinese water pump industry.
Shimge, a pioneer and leader in the Chinese water pump industry.
Founded in 1984, Shimge now possesses 6 production bases, 10 subsidiaries and 6 divisions. Shimge is an officially public listed company in the water pump industry. As a nationally prominent high-tech enterprise, we can achieve a water pump production and sales volume that amounts to ten thousand units a day. Shimge is recognized as one of the largest water pump manufacturers in China.

Shimge has four brands including “SHIMGE”, “LBX”, “SEAKOO”, and “Marlino”. We take great pride in the diversity of our product lineup. We have introduced 6 major product series for applications such as farmland irrigation and drainage, sewage treatment, domestic water supply, industrial water supply, as well as HVAC and pipeline boosting.

Shimge holds great potential for technological development.
The development potential of Shimge Head Office is further enhanced by a talented team at the Shimge Technical Center for Water Treatment System in Hangzhou, which includes professionals in fields such as research, processing, and engineering. These experts are fully committed to the development of water pumps and water treatment systems.

Shimge maintains long-term, cooperation with scientific research institutes such as the Zhejiang University, China Agricultural University, and the Jiangsu University. This allows us to effectively shorten the R&D cycle.
The Shimge Post-Doctoral Workstation further enhances our capacity for technical innovation.
Shimge possess state-of-the-art technologies in fields including product structuring, energy conservation, corrosion resistance, as well as automation and intelligent operation.

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